Client Spotlight | Reflections Photography

Meet the Boss Behind the Brand: Danielle Jorae


I think Danielle is secretly Super Woman. Aside from running this photography business, she currently works a Marketing job during the day AND attends college—all while being a wife and a mother of 2 children.  See what I mean? SUPER. WOMAN.


All of this juggling didn't affect our relationship at all. She still managed to complete all her branding homework on time (and with thorough detail), provide timely feedback, and even correct a couple of my typos along the way (oops). Seriously, this woman is impressive.


Danielle is an amazing photographer who has found her sweet spot photographing families and high school seniors in Portland, Michigan. Her portrait experience is fun and upbeat, just like her clients. We created a brand that reflects (see what I did there) the unique, colorful personalities of her clients while also showcasing the elegance and high-quality of her work.


During the Inspiration Phase, we were really drawn to rich, cool shades like teal, green, and a deep indigo. These colors naturally led us to look toward peacock feathers for visual inspiration. Then it hit me—she had described her ideal client as a high school senior who embraces his/her individualism and wants a unique and fun photo experience. I mean, hello. That's got peacock written all over it! From there, everything just came together. 


The brand design for Reflections Photography exhibits a solid balance between fun/unique and upscale/high-quality. I thoroughly enjoyed working through the logo design process with Danielle, then extending her brand through custom business card designs and a custom pricing sheet. Of course, this whole thing wouldn't be complete without a beautiful, responsive, and brand-relevant website designed by the amazing Home Sweet Hyatt Studios. I'll stop rambling now, please see for yourself!