Logo Variations: WTF They Are and Why They’re Important for Your Brand

Ever see a logo in an Instagram profile pic that’s either squished or cropped off by the edges of the small circle they supply you with? That’s because only one version of that logo exists—no variations.

Alternate logo variations are created to fit anywhere that your primary logo can't fit. 

For example, if your primary logo were a banner-style rectangular layout, you’d also want a stacked logo that will fit nicely as your Instagram or Facebook profile picture. In turn, this gives us room for more creativity when designing additional brand collateral like business cards, letterhead, stickers, advertisements, etc.

It’s beneficial to also have a custom submark or icon that acts almost as an extension of your logo. A mark or icon can be used to literally mark your work/client touch points without slapping your whole logo on everything and feeling too salesy (they make a great favicon, too!).

Additionally, a custom signature can be used to sign off on your blogs and emails and adds a nice personal but cohesive, brand-relevant touch.

Enough rambling, let’s see some examples in action!

Example #1: Salt & Arrow

Salt and Arrow's primary logo is banner-style, and works perfectly as a website header:

This square logo variation stands out as a Facebook profile pic...

...AND looks great on Instagram, too!

Don't forget your favicon! This simple abbreviated submark is easy to see when scaled down to a small size.

The square/circle version of your logo makes a great sticker or stamp as well—perfect for packaging!

Example #2: Kara Evans Photography

Kara's primary logo fits perfectly on her website, business cards, and even her backdrop for vendor booths:

Her circular submark works well as her favicon and as custom stickers on her packaging:

And last but certainly not least, Kara's custom signature adds a warm, brand-relevant feel to every blog post:

Let me know: what are your thoughts on logo variations? If you need help with this for your own brand, please don't hesitate to reach out!