Why I Take a Monthly Work Retreat (and You Should, Too!)

Let me clear things up from the get-go: when I say retreat I'm not talking about a spa day or a trip to the beach (though those are necessary, too!). The kind of retreat I'm talking about still requires work, but a different kind of work.

If you're a business owner, your days are typically filled with client work. This is important, of course, but often times we get so caught up in trying to make our clients happy that we forget about making ourselves happy.

That's why what we like to call "Retreat Yoself" days are all for internal business and internal business only.

Once a month, my Biz BFF Britt and I block off an entire day for internal business work ONLY. We close out of emails and social media (I even get up extra early!) and we get shit done. These days are for blogging (yes, it's Retreat Yoself day as I write this now!), Instagram planning, working on our OWN websites, big picture biz planning, monthly goal setting, logging expenses, creating workbooks, etc. 

During these days, we utilize block scheduling to keep us on task. We'll set up a schedule the day before and assign time blocks to each task. We actually put these in our google calendar so that we get notified when it's time to start the next task. I'm a huge fan of block scheduling especially for those who work alone/from home. Not only does it keep you on your toes and allows for a good variety of work throughout the day, but it also ensures that you touch on ALL the tasks you intended to work on that day, rather than getting wrapped up in one thing and falling behind.

After 'Retreat Yoself' days, we feel so energized and inspired to jump back into client work. Now, rather than stressing about all the internal biz to-dos floating around in our heads, we feel clear-minded and accomplished, allowing for more focus and creativity with our client work.

If you can't tell, I HIGHLY recommend trying this out! I promise, your clients won't die if you're not available for ONE. DAY. 

What are your thoughts on 'Retreat Yoself' days? Will you try it out / do you already do something similar? Share your experience and ideas in the comments below!